WAR COMES TO THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA exhibit opening at The Museum of the Mississippi Delta in Greenwood, MS.

On the evening of January 25th, General U. S. Grant and Julia were at the opening of the newest exhibit of the Museum of the Mississippi Delta, ” WAR COMES TO THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA”.  The General and Julia were invited to help open the exhibit on Friday evening and to be at the first day of the exhibit on Saturday.

The Exhibit will be at the Museum of the Mississippi Delta through August 31st, 2013.  It is an extensive coverage of Grant’s Yazoo Pass expedition which was a Federal attempt to conduct an over-land campaign to invade Mississippi and capture Vicksburg by land rather than running the Vicksburg batteries on the Mississippi river.

Specific attention is given to: Fort Pemberton (which is near the museum) and the sharp action that occurred there which stopped the Federal forces; and the Star of the West, which was the U. S. Navy vessel receiving the first shots fired in the war when it attempted to supply Fort Sumter.  It later fell into Confederate hands and was subsequently sunk to block the river and prevent Federal gunboats from coming to Greenwood, MS.

For more information on the exhibit and the museum, the General urges you to E-telegraph:

Cheryl Taylor, executive director of the museum at: director@museumofthemississippidelta.com

Grant and Julia at the Museum of the Delta, 1-25-13

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